This blog seeks to explore the links between history and the present day. How do historical events effect the contemporary world and what can we learn from history? The articles published on this site hope to encourage opinionated debate on a wide range of historical and contemporary issues. Enjoy.


13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Stefan,

    Just been pointed to your blog by one of the academics at Birmingham. I’ve just started as a new member of staff in the History department and am now running the Facebook account for them http://www.facebook.com/bhamhistory. Would you be ok if I linked to your blog from the facebook page so other students can see what you are interested in and currently researching? Are you a current student or did you graduate last year?


    1. Hi Alison,

      Thanks for your message. Of course it would be fine to link to my blog via your facebook page. I graduated from Birmingham in December 2012 – did an Mphil in Early Modern History.

      Anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me


  2. Hello

    We are a publishing house in Canada and we would like to know if it is possible to have the permission to use a picture found on your internet site. We want to use it in a book on Germany.

    Here is the link.

    Thank you!

    Dany Côté, adjoint administratif
    Les Éditions JCL


    Téléphone: (418) 696-0536
    Télécopieur: (418) 696-3132

  3. Hey,

    Long time no speak, how are things ? Randomly came across your blog when researching a story and was rather pleasantly surprised when I looked on the About page and realised it was you ! What are you upto at the moment ? PhD on the cards ? Please come and visit Istanbul sometime, as a historian I’m sure you’ll love it here !

    All the best and keep up the good work,


  4. Dear Stefan,

    During my research for my new book project I recently found a Thesis published online by the university of Birmingham – now I just wanted to ask, if you are the author of:

    Colonial Failure in the New World in the Sixteenth Century:
    a French and German Comparison

    If you are indeed the author, I’d be very happy to ask you one or two questions about your interesting work,


      1. Ah…I thought it looked familiar. I did a post on Miguel de Cervantes, who fought at the Battle of Lepanto, and was scrolling through images to use. It’s a bit over the top and busy, but I love it.

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